Gianfranco Frattini very rare Rosewood Albero

Conceived in the late 1950s as a floor-to-ceiling free-standing bookcase, Albero was designed for use in interior settings rather than for serial production.

The Albero is formally associated with the Neoliberty period and, in terms of product type, to the floor-to-ceiling bookcase systems that were popular throughout the 50s and 60s.

Designed by Frattini, the structure stands out both for its complex cabinet work and for its sculpted nature, acting as the centrepiece of a room.

The bookcase comprises just a few ingeniously interconnected elements, which show Gianfranco Frattini’s attention to the laws of statics and dynamics. It has four vertical struts and two rack and pinion poles at the two ends, all crafted from solid rosewood. The shelves, produced in MDF with rosewood essence veneer, can be positioned in the holes along the struts as desired with a minimum of eight and a maximum of 12 shelves. A special metal cylinder is attached to the ceiling to hold the bookcase in place. The Albero’s frame is attached to this and the floor thanks to two adjustable metal ferrules that ensure its stability. The height of the bookcase can vary between 2.66 m to 3.26 m. / 104.72 to 128.35 inches.

Price on request.

Albero will be shipped abroad in to custom made wooden crates. Cost of transport to the US crates included is Euro 1150.