Limited edition of Alberto Alessi’s first early seventies company design introduction project which did not work out very well …

” Alessi, he points out, is a family business and his brother Michele, finance director, and cousin Alessio, sales and marketing boss, are important influences. Even so, it is clear that Alberto was the main agitator in the revolution. When his creative ambitions were thwarted by his father Carlo’s refusal to let him study architecture, Alberto resolved to find self-expression through the family business. When he joined his father and uncle Ettore at the factory in 1970 as a 24-year-old law graduate, he was determined to inject more art into the industrial mix. “It was terribly hard to convince my father and uncle,” he recalls. “They said that the market wasn’t ready, that design would never sell. And that I was crazy.”

False starts in the early Seventies – including “Alessi d’apres”, a disastrous series of pressed steel art works designed by a celebrity round-up including Salvador Dal and manufactured in the factory, seemed to confirm his father’s fears. So, by the time Alberto began commissioning kitchen equipment for the home from big-name designers of the late Seventies, the Cassandras of the older generation were already predicting that the new products would go the same way. ”

Measurements : W.22 x H.17 x D.15 cm.

Euro 850