Mid-Century ceiling pendants by Nanny Still McKinney.

Stunning early 1960s amber colored handblown glass with patinated copper perforated rings produced by RAAK, the Netherlands.

Nanny still was influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement which shows in the simplicity and hand worked natural copper patinas.

The lamp is a true beauty and in perfect condition.

The glasses measure 12 cm diameter x 14 cm height.

Euro 2450

Nanny Still (1926-2009), also known by her married name, Still-McKinney, is one of the important modern Finnish designers of glass and ceramics. The body of work she created, mainly during the 1950s and 1960s, serves as a reflection of the period’s style as well as being a Harbinger of the coming innovations in structure, color and functionality. She worked with lighting–designing for RAAK– porcelain, flatware and jewelry, but is best known for her glassware and for her woodcarving. The trademarks of her work in both decorative and functional glass, were her experiments with extremes of color and her practice of revisiting traditional processes to create enduring, elegant pieces.