Designed in 1938 by Man Ray.

This elliptical mirror is serigraphed with “les grands trans-Parents.” A play on words written by Man Ray on a mirror, a poetical proposal for the home.

This mirror was originally made for Simon Gavina in 1971 and is part of the Ultramobile collection.

Man Ray (1890-1976) was born Emmanuel Radnitsky and assumed the name Man Ray in his twenties. He began to associate himself with the Dadaist movement in 1918, experimenting with a diverse range of mediums, including ready-mades, assemblages, photography, and painting to create his artwork. His close, life-long friendship with Marcel Duchamp led to various collaborative projects between the two. In Paris, Man Ray became involved in the Surrealists along with Joan Miró, Jean Arp, André Masson, and Max Ernst. Overall, the artist’s work is unique, with subtle, complicated puns and hidden meanings recurring throughout his work.

Measurements : H.181 x W.91 x D.3 cm.

Euro 3.500 – This Mirror was produced by Simon Gavina and comes with the original invoice from when it was bought in Amsterdam in 1991.