LC6 designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneretand Charlotte Perriand.

Table tube d’avion, section ovoïde

A true design icon. This beautiful table which can be used as a dining table, office meetings or a stunning desk, was designed in 1928 and produced from 1974 by Cassina, Italy.

The key idea at the heart of this table is to make a distinction between its load bearing base and the top that was to be supported

Each piece is completely autonomous and this is highlighted by the addition of the four middle support pieces used to adjust the height and keep the slim rectangular top in place over its the heavy base.

The steel base is enamelled black with a custom made textured glass top.

Measurements : L.260 x W.100 x H.74 cm adjustable. L.102.362 x W.39.37 x H.29.133 adjustable.

Price on request.