‘TERNI’ by Ico Parisi 1958 for MiM, Rome.

Unique executive office set designed by Ico Parisi in 1958 for MiM, Rome.

Ico Parisi created clean, sleek and sculptural designs in wood and metal for high-end clients, he was one of a group of influential designers who epitomised the modern look of the 1950’s era.

The centrepiece of this stylish office set is one of the most beautiful executive desks ever designed and produced, the ‘Terni’. This finely crafted ‘Partners’ or ‘double-sided’ writing desk has numerous details. The curved rectangular rosewood top floats above a drawer case organised asymmetricaly that suggests an architectural design; a storage tower.
Accessible from both sides featuring three rosewood and aluminium drawers at the front and two at the back.
Demonstrating Parisi’s genius of elegance and craftmanship, the X-shaped leg structures feature intricate joinery with steel caps to the feet. The desk also has two sliding trays affixed to the underside of the desktop.

The tables previous (and first) owner specified a custom sheet of glass which has preserved the rosewood in near mint condition.
Obviously we have nourished and oiled the rosewood so it looks as good as it does, as you can tell from our photographs.

Typically the ‘Terni’ desk was produced with a rectangular top. What makes this example unusual and rare is the curved profile cut into the front edge; period documentation of Parisi designs provided by Roberta Lietti from the Parisi archives states this was only possible as a special order.

The circular aluminium plaque at the corner of the desktops front edge bares the producers name: MiM, Roma which stands for Mobili italiani Moderni, Rome

The office set includes the original MiM swivel chair, with its curvaceous rosewood shell and brushed aluminium frame it compliments the table perfectly, and two MiM visitor / secretary chairs with organically inspired, svelte rosewood legs.
One rosewood sideboard with it’s original glass top, a so-called “porta” telex; a small cabinet used to support the telex machine.
All also in fantastic condition (see pictures).

The ‘Terni’ desk was published in the 1958 MiM production catalogue as well as in the following Ico Parisi exhibition catalogue :-

”Luisa and Ico Parisi”, Westermeier and Winter,
Berlin 2008, pages 36-7, figs 31 and 32

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Terni executive rosewood desk