Mid century Modern Carlo Nason BIG Floor/Table Lamp

Breathtaking hand blown floor or table lamp by Carlo Nason for Mazzega, Murano, Venice, Italy.

In over 25 years have I seldom come across such a beautiful and impressive work of Art.

Measurements : D.54 x H.37 cm.

Price on request.

Lamp will only be shipped abroad in a custom made crate. Cost of transport to the US crate included is Euro 450.

Coming from one of the oldest glass-making families in Italy, Carlo Nason is no stranger to the world of glassworks. His experience in the creation of Murano glass, a specific type of glass from Venice has given him a unique texture and color to his fixtures that few can rival. By reviving old, traditional forms of artwork found in his hometown and exposing it to the world, Nason has helped to bring Murano glass into the mainstream for the world to appreciate.