The especially chic Spider 3319 floor lamp is a real classic! At the time the Spiders were invented, a special horizontal direct spotlight was what everyone had been looking for.
Due to their melamine joint the Spiders were capable of being placed in various spaces and onto various bases: The first lamp family was born. The 40 year old design is as present today as it was then. Design Joe Colombo, 1965
Table or floor lamp with stove-enamelled sheet metal reflector purposely designed to take a special horizontal spot light bulb. A plastic joint allows the reflector to tilt. In 1967 Spider won the Compasso d’Oro award. It is part of the permanent collections of the Milan Triennale, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Kunstmuseum of Düsseldorf and the “Neue Sammlung Museum” in Munich. In 1972 it went on show at the “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape” exhibition in New York.

Euro 625