Oak art deco side table from the so called dutch art deco style : Amsterdam school.

The Amsterdam School is a style in architectural and interior art, that manifested between 1910 and 1940 as a polar opposite of Modernist Architecture that honoured functionality, purity and simplicity. The Amsterdam School sets itself apart by the opulence of uncommon shapes and decorative elements, which is why this style of architecture is referred to as expressionist. Within this art movement, the building or object is approached as a work of art that evokes emotions. An important stylistic feature of the Amsterdam School is the attention to creativity and traditional craftsmanship. The style was unique in the Netherlands and also had influence internationally speaking. In the Twenties, the artistic movement was at its peak. The Amsterdam School is a daring, dramatic style which is why it is very popular with Art Deco lovers.

This oak side table is in perfect condition as can be seen in the images.

Price on request.

Measurements : H.75 x D.48 cm. H.29.527 x D.19.094 inches.

The table will be shipped overseas in a custom made wooden crate. Cost of transport to the US crate included is Euro 350.