Huge safety pin 1985 Think Big! This rare Pop Art piece is in great condition. No cracks or damage.
Euro 1.150,00
Insured shipping to the US is Euro 75.
Think Big! was a retail store originally established in New York City in 1979. It was closed in 1994. The store was a joint endeavor by two friends, an artist Phyllis Prinz and a business man Robert Malkin. The two, who had an affinity for collecting oversized antique display pieces. The product line started with a small offering consisting of giant 6 foot pencils and replicas of giant 5-foot Crayola crayons. The Think Big! Product line grew to offer over 100 different larger-than-life objects The unique creations have been featured in many films including Forrest Gump and Big both starring Tom Hanks.