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Experience the Serenity of Shirakawa-go in "Winter Morning" by Taku Harada

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Shirakawa-go with this exquisite Japanese woodblock print titled "Winter Morning" by the acclaimed artist Taku Harada. This stunning artwork captures the serene, snow-covered landscape of one of Japan's most picturesque villages, renowned for its unique Gassho-style farmhouses.

Masterful Depiction of a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Shirakawa-go, nestled in the heart of Gifu, is a UNESCO World Heritage site famed for its iconic farmhouses with steep, thatched roofs. These structures, resembling hands joined in prayer, are beautifully illustrated in this print, showcasing their charm and historical significance.

Harada's "Winter Morning" encapsulates the serene, whimsical wonderland of Shirakawa-go during winter. The soft blanket of snow, the delicate hues of the dawn sky, and the quiet stillness of the village are masterfully rendered, inviting viewers to experience the peaceful ambiance.

This print is part of a limited edition, with only 200 copies available. Owning this piece means possessing a rare and valuable work of art that few others can claim.

The meticulous technique of woodblock printing used by Harada ensures that every detail, from the texture of the snow to the intricate lines of the farmhouses, is captured with precision and care. This dedication to quality makes "Winter Morning" a standout piece.

Taku Harada is a respected contemporary Japanese artist known for his skillful woodblock prints that often depict serene landscapes and traditional scenes. His works are celebrated for their delicate color palettes, attention to detail, and ability to evoke a deep sense of place and time. Harada's prints are highly sought after by collectors worldwide, and his artistic contributions continue to uphold and innovate the traditional craft of Japanese woodblock printing.

Investing in "Winter Morning" by Taku Harada is not only a way to enrich your art collection but also an opportunity to own a piece of cultural heritage. This artwork serves as a beautiful focal point in any room, offering a glimpse into the enchanting winter landscapes of Japan.

Don’t miss the chance to own this exquisite print that beautifully encapsulates the magic of Shirakawa-go. Whether you are an avid collector or seeking to enhance your home’s decor with a touch of tranquility, "Winter Morning" by Taku Harada is a perfect choice.

Colors may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

Measurements : H.41 x W.52.5 x D.2 cm - H.16.14 x W.20.67 x D.0.79 inches

The Art work will be shipped insured overseas in a custom made wooden case. Cost of transport to the US, Euro 245, is case included.