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Beautiful and stylish 1960s round white glass mosaic coffee table by Heinz Lilienthal.

The table will be shipped insured overseas in a custom made wooden crate. Cost of transport is crate included.

Lilienthal went into business for himself and founded the atelier for church art in Bremen-Lesum in 1952. For the production of the church windows he used both the classic lead glazing and the concrete glazing technique, which was only developed in the first half of the 20th century. The latter was to acquire greater significance for his work. Stylistically, both representational and completely abstract representations are present in his work, even in a single building in harmonious coexistence. In addition to the glass paintings, Lilienthal developed other creative fields of activity. He created mosaics, designed table furniture and, since the 1960s, has been experimenting with the materials metal, concrete, natural stone and wood for large-scale wall designs both indoors and outdoors. He found an artistic expression that thrives on the contrast between circular and linear forms as well as light and dark materials. His innovative metal smelting work earned him recognition at home and abroad.