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Mid-Century Modern ceramic tiles Art by Joseph Roelants for Gilliot & Cie, 1948

"The allegorical representation of Architecture and sculptural art bloom through time because of the trade. The key to this are the two horses who refer to Plato. The black horse embodies the trade from the period of the ancient Greeks/the Phoenicians and ancient Egypt - on the left up to Modern Times on the right. The white horse embodies the ideals of the arts with central left the architecture en central right the sculptures. On the left the Greek temples and Egyptian Pyramids and sphinx with on the right the New York skyscrapers. The ships left and right together with the cranes refer to trading".

Joseph Roelants (1881-1962) was appointed in 1919 as a designer of tiles and decorative ceramic panels. His work was known worldwide. A unique work of Art created on ceramic tiles by Joseph Roelants. Produced in 1948 by Manufactures Ceramiques d'Hemixem, Gilliot & Cie where he was head of design. Gilliot & Cie with 1500 employees in 1919, closed their doors in 1977. In 1988 the Gilliot & Roelants Tile museum was founded. 

Measurements : W.187 x H.127 x D.9 cm - W.73.62" x H.50.01" x D.9".

This stunning one of a kind piece will be shipped insured abroad in a custom-made wooden crate. Cost of transport to the US crate included is Euro 3750.