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Michael Lau 2005 Designer Toy S.F.B.B. (Sample) Another amazing creation of Michael Lau's never ending fantasy. This vinyl art piece is in great condition and comes with it's original box.

Measurements: H. 23 x W. 15 x D. 10 cm The price is only for this one piece. 

Price is insured transport with track & trace included.

Urban Vinyl, Vinyl Art also called Designer Toys are created by an artist or designer working with a production company, or solely, to produce a limited run of a collectible 3D figure in one or more colour variants. It all started when in the 1990s Hong Kong based artist Michael Lau showed up at a Hong Kong toy show with customized GI Joe figures, that had been reworked into urban hip hop characters, wearing cool streetwear labels and accessories. This ignited a trend that first spread from Hong Kong and Japan, and was initially known as Urban Vinyl, but now the more accepted term is Designer Toys, which is more encompassing. In Michael Lau footsteps followed many artists like Kaws, Frank Kozik, Gary Baseman, Bill McMullen, Jeremy and many others. Two of the very first shops who noticed, understood and promoted this affordable art coming out of the hip hop, underground and graffiti culture were Colette in Paris and Maharishi in London.