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Italian made dining room table designed by Lella and Massimo Vignelli. This award-winning table is part of series first designed in 1985 for Acerbis. The opalescent round crystal top is supported by 3 oversized metal columns. This big round crystal top dining table has all it's original parts. The glass top has no chips or cracks. This beauty is in it's original vintage condition. There are no traces of repairs or replacements. The table will be shipped insured overseas in a custom made wooden crate. Cost of transport is crate included.. Massimo Vignelli January 10, 1931 – May 27, 2014) was an Italian designer who worked in a number of areas ranging from package design through houseware design and furniture design to public signage and showroom design. He was the co-founder of Vignelli Associates, with his wife, Lella. His ethos was, "If you can design one thing, you can design everything," and this was reflected in the broad range of his work. Vignelli worked firmly within the Modernist tradition, and focused on simplicity through the use of basic geometric forms in all his work.