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Mid century modern navy blue and chrome floor lamp. Adjustable, arched Coupé floor lamp with semi-spherical stove lacquered aluminium reflector, chrome armature, and lacquered metal base. Designed by Joe Colombo and produced by Oluce, circa 1967. A sophisticated design that is complex to manufacture, the lamp features a grooved shaft with a bakelite handle for adjusting the height and pivoting the armature. The reflector is fitted with a joint to adjust its inclination. The base is rounded but straight at the back, for flush fitting against the wall, where it can rotate through 180 degrees, changing how a floor lamp functions as an element of space design.

Cesare "Joe" Colombo was until 1949 educated at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, the academy of fine arts, in Milano as a painter and studied afterwards until 1954 Architecture at Politecnico di Milano University.

In 1951 he joined the Movimento Nucleare, founded by Sergio Dangelo and Enrico Baj. The following four years Colombo was active as a painter and sculptor of the abstract Expressionism and exhibited his works with other members in Milano, Torino, Verviers, Venice and Brussels.

In 1955 Colombo joined the Art Concret group, but gave up his painting to promote his Design Career. Before he cooperated at an exhibition for the tenth Triennale of 1954 and documented the Ceramic Designs of an international meeting in Albisola. For his presentation Colombo created for example three exterior seatings which were combined with a "shrinelike" presentation of TVs.

In 1959, Colombo had to take over the family company, which produced electric appliances, and started to experiment with new construction and production technologies. In 1962 Colombo opened his own interior design and architecture projects, mostly for lodges and skiing.

Colombo designed products for Oluce, Kartell, Bieffe, Alessi, Flexform and Boffi.

Colombo died in 1971 on his 41st birthday.

The lamp will be shipped insured overseas in a custom made wooden crate. Cost of transport is crate included.