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Kumi Sugaï, one of the most internationally acclaimed Japanese painters of the twentieth century.

1974 Limited Edition lithograph edition 90/190 by Kumi Sugaī. Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist.

56 x 76 cm. The cost of insured shipping to the United States is Euro 125.

Colors may vary.

Kumi Sugai (菅井 汲Sugaī Kumi, March 13, 1919 – May 14, 1996) was a Japanese painter and printmaker. Driven by an interest in avant-garde painting, Sugaī moved to Paris in 1952 where he quickly attracted critical attention, participating in numerous exhibitions in Paris and abroad. First working in a style resembling informalism or lyrical abstraction, he became affiliated with the Nouvelle École de Paris. During the early 1960s, his artworks radically transformed when he developed a hard-edge abstract style influenced by his interest in automobiles and contemporary urban living. While he did not officially associate himself with any single artistic movement or group, he collaborated on multiple projects with his poet friends, Jean-Clarence Lambert and Makota Ōoka.