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Kumi Sugaï, one of the most internationally acclaimed Japanese painters of the twentieth century.

' Violet ' 1970 Lithograph by Kumi Sugaï in excellent condition.

The lithograph is after the 1959 original. The work is signed by the artist and comes with it's original Japanese frame.

Printed in Tokyo, Japan by Hako Shikuma Shobo.

Kumi Sugaï (1919–1996): A Brief Biography

Kumi Sugaï was a Japanese-French artist known for his innovative approach to abstract art, blending elements of traditional Japanese calligraphy with modern abstraction. He was born on January 3, 1919, in Kobe, Japan, and began his artistic career in the 1930s. In the 1950s, Sugaï moved to France, where he became associated with the art

movement known as "Abstraction Lyrique" or "Lyrical Abstraction." His works during this period often featured bold brushstrokes, dynamic compositions, and a sense of spontaneity. Sugaï's art was influenced by his Japanese heritage, particularly the principles of Zen Buddhism and calligraphy. He sought to capture the essence of nature and the human spirit through his abstract forms, imbuing his works with a sense of rhythm and harmony.

Throughout his career, Sugaï gained recognition both in France and internationally for his distinctive style. He participated in numerous exhibitions and received several awards for his contributions to the art world.

Notable Museums Exhibiting or Owning Kumi Sugaï's Work:

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York City, USA: MoMA has featured Sugaï's works in various exhibitions, showcasing his contributions to modern art. Centre Pompidou, Paris, France: The Centre Pompidou houses a significant collection of modern and contemporary art, including pieces by Kumi Sugaï. National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan: As one of Japan's premier art institutions, the National Museum of Modern Art has exhibited Sugaï's artworks and recognizes his importance in Japanese art history. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA: The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has exhibited Sugaï's works as part of its diverse collection of international art. Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan: This museum focuses on contemporary Japanese art and has featured exhibitions highlighting Sugaï's contributions to the art world.

These are just a few examples of museums that have exhibited or own Kumi Sugaï's work. His art continues to be celebrated for its unique fusion of Eastern and Western influences, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of abstract art.