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Joe Colombo designed the Model 4801 chair from three curved pieces bent beech plywood. Colombo’s innovative idea was to design a lounge chair that could simply slot together with no screws or fasteners of any kind.
Produced by Kartell of Italy in 1963-1964 it is an icon of Italian Modernism by the master of Italian Space Age design. Joe Colombo created one of Kartell’s few pieces of non-plastic furniture, the 4801 chair, which sits low to the ground and comprised of just three curved pieces of plywood. In 2012, Kartell reissued the chair in plastic.

The chair will be shipped insured overseas in a custom made wooden crate. Cost of transport is crate included.

He died tragically young, and his career as a designer lasted little more than 10 years. But through the 1960s, Joe Colombo proved himself one of the field’s most provocative and original thinkers, and he produced a remarkably large array of innovative furniture, lighting and product designs. Even today, the creations of Joe Colombo have the power to surprise.Cesare “Joe” Colombo was born in Milan, the son of an electrical-components manufacturer. He was a creative child — he loved to build huge structures from Meccano pieces — and in college he studied painting and sculpture before switching to architecture. In the early 1950s, Colombo made and exhibited paintings.