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Stunning one of a kind wooden sculpture Documento N°7 made in Italy in 1981 by Gianni Pinna.

Gianni Pinna was born in Guspina, Cagliari, Sardegna in 1934. He studied sculpturing at art schools in both Turin and Milano. Pinna is congenitally temperamental. A man with a visceral humanity. Profound and silent like his homeland Sardegna. An intuitive Artist who transforms his sensibility into visible communication by means of transparency. These documents, pages, books are in fact, without reconnecting them to the problematic of his precedent cosmic sculptures, a logic continuity. They represent openness and development of another structural dimension and semantics in his current research. (Late 1970’s) In thit period Gianni Pinna had two solo expositions in the US. One in 1976 at Feingarten Galleries and the other in 1977 at Silver Gallery in Los Angelos. The renown Art critic, Henry J. Seldis, wrote in regard to these Art exhibitions “ and in those aspects of his creations, which he chooses to call “Codi-Art”, Pinna expresses the greatest potential of his considerable creative force”.

This unique and beautiful Art work will be shipped insured overseas in a custom made wooden crate. Cost of transport is crate included.