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Impossible to find MINT designer toy BJ Hammer. Of this colored version only 250 pcs were made in 2003. BJ Hammer has never been exposed and always kept in a dark and dry smoke free storage.

Price is insured transport with track & trace included from Holland.

Designer Toys, also called art toys, are toys and collectibles created by artists and designers that are either self-produced or made by small, independent toy companies, typically in very limited editions. Artists use a variety of materials, such as ABS plastic, vinyl, wood, metal, latex, plush, and resin. Creators often have backgrounds in graphic design, illustration, or fine art, but many accomplished toy artists are self-taught. The first Designer Toys appeared in the 1990s in Hong Kong and Japan. By the early 2000s, the majority of Designer Toys were based upon characters created by popular Lowbrow artists, forever linking the two movements. The Design Team: Brothersfree from Hong Kong is a trio of uber hot vinyl toy designers in the Brothers Worker team - all from Hong Kong. William Tsang, Kenny Wong and Winson Ma Some of their figures, sets and limited editions: These designers give lots of attention to detail and their sets include rarely made accessories for 12" figures. Brothers Worker: Their sets of stylized figure designs center around a group of construction workers known as Brothers Worker and includes a set of 12" Brothers Worker tools, utility belts and work clothes for the workers - rare for 12" figures. Tools, utilities and clothes includes: pickax, sledgehammer, hammers, hacksaw, gloves, pliers, wrenches, shovels, crowbars, jackhammers, pipe wrenches, acetylene tanks, welding torches, hard-hats and an air compressor. Brothers Joker: Other sets look like clowns, and are known as Brothers Joker. Accessories for these vinyl toys include balloons, unicycles, clown hats and shoes were rarely made for 12" figures Sold-out long ago and Very hard to find today In very good condition.