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Introducing the epitome of sophistication and timeless allure: the exquisite glass mosaic coffee table designed and produced by Berthold Müller, a renowned German sculptor and master of the art of glass mosaic. This extraordinary piece, created in 1960 exclusively for Ilse Möbel, is a rare and exceptional masterpiece that encapsulates Müller's artistic vision and craftsmanship.

Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty and remarkable intricacy of this one-of-a-kind coffee table. The mosaic design features various tones of grey glass meticulously arranged, with captivating gold highlights interspersed throughout. The result is a mesmerizing work of art that effortlessly catches the eye and adds a touch of opulence to any space.

The table will be shipped insured overseas in a custom made wooden crate. Cost of transport to the US, Euro 850, is crate included.

The table's top, adorned with a gleaming brass rim, beautifully complements the mosaic pattern while adding a luxurious touch. The attention to detail and the precision with which every element is crafted speak volumes about Müller's expertise as a sculptor and his commitment to producing exceptional pieces.

Supported by four elegant brass legs, this coffee table stands as a testament to both strength and grace. The combination of the glass mosaic top with its gold highlights and the brass elements evokes a sense of timeless beauty and understated luxury, making it a true centerpiece that commands attention.

Not only does this coffee table serve as a functional piece of furniture, but it also becomes a remarkable artistic statement—a testament to Müller's mastery of glass mosaic. It showcases the seamless fusion of art and functionality, transforming any living space into a haven of elegance and refinement.

Owning this Berthold Müller glass mosaic coffee table means possessing a rare treasure that reflects the artistic legacy of a renowned German sculptor. With its impeccable craftsmanship, distinctive design, and the inclusion of gold highlights, it becomes an extraordinary symbol of artistic excellence and refined taste.

Elevate your living space with this exceptional masterpiece by Berthold Müller—a testament to his sculpting expertise and the timeless beauty of glass mosaic. Contact us now to secure this unique coffee table and infuse your home with the unparalleled artistry and elegance it deserves.

Dimensions : Height: 21.26 in (54 cm)Width: 20.48 in (52 cm)Depth: 45.67 in (116 cm)

The table is in excellent condition.