Complete set. The only one available anywhere!

This highly unusual dining table is an example of “art furniture” that predates the coinage of that expression. A playful reminder of the inclusiveness and innovation characteristic of Italian design in the 1980s, it is the work of Massimo Morozzi (formerly a partner in Archizoom, the influential 1960s design collective).

This design by Morozzi in the early 1980s for Cassina, was manufactured in France in tiny numbers, is based on the tangram, an ancient seven-part Chinese puzzle. The design is made up of seven smaller tables, each with its own individual shape and style, all reconfigurable in nearly endless combinations. Four of the subsidiary tables have removable covers for storing small items. The seven tables where available individually at the time, this set consists of seven tables. All different models are present and are in excellent condition.

Euro 15.000